Lone worker app

Home care is a vital service for many individuals across the country. Those who have lost their mobility or are dealing with ailments need help to function well. The mundane tasks become difficult and so they must rely on someone else to do these for them. Care givers have a tough job that requires patience and diligence. They must be able to provide assistance when it comes to feeding, bathing, clothing, moving, and many more. They often help in giving medicine as well. Occasionally, the care givers may be the ones needing assistance. That's where the lone worker app comes in.

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Location Tracking

Lone worker apps are installed on smartphones to extend their capabilities. This is the preferred solution for those who don't want to carry any additional devices for dedicated functions. After all, phones today are incredibly powerful with all sorts of hardware that can be harnessed for the needs of care givers and other people who tend to work alone. For instance, they can be utilized for location tracking. Carers may be scheduled to look after different patients at different times and dates. The app registers their current location so that they can be easy to find if need be.

Emergency Beacon

Just because care givers work in a home environment doesn't mean that they are completely safe. There are lots of things that can go wrong over the course of their stay. For example, they can get into an accident and require medical assistance. An intruder might try to break in. The patient may become violent. A domestic situation may arise. If they are left alone in the house with their patient, then there is no one that can provide immediate help unless they call for it. The app has an emergency button that can be pressed to call for this service. Experts are standing by 247 to heed the call. They will follow all of the relevant protocols.

Broadcast Messaging

The app may also include a broadcast messaging app that allows the users to send notes to important individuals in times of need. This can be useful during cases that cannot be categorized as emergencies but still require some form of assistance. Carers may also use this to assure the people around them that they are safe and well in their posts. Sometimes using the emergency beacon tends to put others in panic mode. They have no idea what's going on except for the fact that help is needed. Communicating the exact nature of the situation provides valuable context.

Workers in a communal environment are lucky as they have plenty of support around them. They have people to talk to for advice on various topics. They can get help for any task in a snap. They are protected by the community of workers inside the office. Lone workers, on the other hand, go out there on their own to get the job done. They have fewer safety nets which means that they have to be more careful and creative. The lone worker app helps them to stay safe.